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A little about me...

I am a certified Transformational Life Coach (2011) and Contemporary Abstract Artist residing in coastal South Carolina.

I have transformed myself many times in my life, most recently when I decided to become an artist.

I was over 50, had no formal training, and no innate artistic talent to my knowledge.


What I did have was all the self-doubt and limiting beliefs that you might imagine, but also a strong desire.

So, I got to work on my self-image, mindset, goals, and my ability to hold myself accountable.

The result is that over the past 5 years I have now sold my work both internationally and throughout the US. And my business continues to increase every year.

I believe that we all have a unique vision of our best self and that we owe it to the world to make sure that person emerges.


My work reflects the intuition and emotion that I feel as I strive to create the best version of myself.

I created my signature coaching program:


The Artwork of YOU to help others become the masterpiece they are meant to be.

I can help you too!!!

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